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Data collecting



We provide remote access solutions for the automation and machinery industries.

While standard remote access solutions are based on traditional VPN structure, Secomea solutions have solved common problems such as security and network conflicts in similar routing solutions with the use of encrypted proxy server (proxy) relay connections. Incredible flexibility with high level of security and full access control in this centralized management and control of individual users' access to specific devices

New Method of Remote Access

One solution for all your Remote Connection needs….
IEC62443 Safety Certified

Remove all restrictions,
No data limit, no device limit, also all servers are free and manageable.

You can perform both Remote Access and Data Collection at the same time.

Open port in firewall, not required.
Static IP, not required.
VPN is not required.
IT knowledge, not required.

Schmersal develops and manufactures exceptionally high-quality switching devices and systems for industrial automation and elevator technology, as well as for the safety of machines and plants.


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