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Increased productivity with SINUMERIK

CNC system in a digital twin machine tool, the sign of digitalization

SINUMERIK CNC automation system

Highly efficient automation solutions are demanded for workshops, workshops and large mass production that accompany and support users on their way to digitalization. SINUMERIK CNC solutions provide the operating machine tools with the optimum solution to meet their specific requirements at all times. Either for individual parts or for mass production - basic or complex workpieces.

Automotive industry

Increased productivity, availability and facility utilization in motor, gearbox and axis manufacturing

Aviation Industry

cnc system in aviation industry manufacturing

Aviation industry

Faster and more precise manufacturing in aircraft and engine manufacturing

Smart phone frame made with CNC


Superior surface finish, shorter cutting times and very short chip-to-chip times in the electronic components market

Power generation

Optimized quality, high profitability and speed in the production of all components for the energy industry

Tool and mold making

Perfect surfaces at high machining speeds - during every milling task

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