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The future in visualization starts now!

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SIMATIC WinCC Unified is a brand new visualization system that you can use to overcome digitalization challenges in mechanical engineering and plant installation. Thanks to the latest hardware and software technologies, it meets the needs of today and the future. TIA Portal's proven engineering, state-of-the-art web technology and high performance for years to come together enable you to bring your ideas to life the way you come to life.

Machine level HMI

SIMATIC panel portfolio; It offers the right solution with its durable, compact and multiple interface options in every application, from simple keypad to mobile and station-based operator interfaces and use in all areas. SIMATIC HMI Panels and Panel PCs together with engineering software WinCC (TIA Portal) guarantee exceptional efficiency in machine level HMI.


In the SIMATIC HMI product category, we also offer a comprehensive HMI software portfolio. Our portfolio ranges from configuration software and machine-oriented visualization software to powerful SCADA systems with Plant Intelligence. Our goal in software development is to provide as high efficiency as possible by making the HMI more flexible, transparent and open.

SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels

SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels are designed to be fully compatible with the new SIMATIC S7-1200 compact controller.

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Operating panels for compact applications

Optimized performance and functions

Touch screen and keys


Space-saving design, robust and reliable


• Use all over the world

Operating panels for compact applications

SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels are designed to be fully compatible with the new SIMATIC S7-1200 compact controller. With its optimized performance and functions, various types of screen sizes and compatible mounting size for easy upgrade, the new SIMATIC Basic Panels offer a solution to meet your specific display needs for compact applications.

Optimized performance and functions

SIMATIC S7-1200 provides a perfect integration with SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels, providing simple control and visualization options for compact automation applications. With seamless integration between the controller and the HMI project software, SIMATIC STEP7 Basic and SIMATIC WINCC Basic software can provide the best solutions in a very short time.

Touch screen and keys

SIMATIC Basic panels have a touch screen for intuitive operation. The 4 ", 6" or 10 "panels have programmable keys with tactile feedback as well as touchscreen intervention. A panel with a 15" screen is also available for a larger display need. SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels with IP65 protection class are suitable for use in harsh industrial conditions.


SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels have an integrated PROFINET port. This port is used to communicate with the controller, and to transfer parameter and configuration data. The PROFINET port integrated in the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller makes interaction with the controller and SIMATIC HMI Basic panels easy and reliable.

Space-saving design, robust and reliable

With its IP65 protection class, SIMATIC HMI Basic panels are suitable for use in harsh industrial conditions. With their compact mounting dimensions, they can also be used for applications where space is limited. In applications where space is extremely limited, 4 and 6 "panels can be configured and mounted vertically.


All HMI Basic Panels have all necessary functions such as alarm system, recipe management, trend function and vector graphics. Projecting software has a comprehensive library that contains many different types of graphics and objects. In addition to authorization with user name and password, there is a user management system to meet the needs of different industries.

I use all over the world

SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels are suitable for use anywhere in the world with up to 32 configuration languages that are compatible with different norms and regulations and have many certifications and support Asian and Slavic alphabets.

Technical details

KP300 Basic mono PN 3.6 "240x80 graphic display, backlight
Optionally selectable (white, green, yellow, red), as numeric keypad
with 10 function keys that can also be used

6AV6 647-0AH11-3AX0

KTP400 Basic mono PN, 4 ”Proşinet interface touch screen


KTP600 Basic mono PN, 6 ”Proşinet interface touch screen


KTP600 Basic color DP, 6 ”MPI / Proşibus / RS485 interface touch screen


KTP600 Basic color PN, 6 ”Proşinet interface touch screen


KTP1000 Basic color DP, 10 ”MPI / Proşibus / RS485 interface touch screen


KTP1000 Basic color PN, 10 ”Proşinet interface touch screen


TP1500 Basic color PN, 15 ”Proşinet interface touch screen


Simatic Comfort Panel common features; TFT 16 million colors Widescreen LED illuminated display, PDF / Excel / Word Viewer, Media Player, 0% -100% screen brightness adjustment with Profinergy support, project upload with standard usb (type A - B mini), ş (x) control and diagnostics viewer objects, 2 SD card slots (for service and data storage), keyboard, mouse, printer connection via USB, recipe function, permanent alarm buffer, archiving message and process values, Visual Basic script, Internet Explorer. Switch supported double profinet ports and audio input output on 7 "and above panels. Programmable with WinCC V11 Comfort and above.

KTP400 Comfort Touch Screen


KP400 with Comfort button


TP700 Comfort Touch Screen


KP700 Comfort button


TP900 Comfort Touchscreen


KP900 with Comfort button


TP1200 Comfort Touch Screen


KP1200 with Comfort button


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