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RFID -Industrial Identification and Finding

Added value with our systems

Increasing the number of product versions makes both production and the supply chain more complex. Therefore, it is important to choose procedures that make both complexity and costs manageable. Tools and processes are key to efficiently configuring a variety of related tasks. Do you want to be able to flexibly control your production, manage your assets efficiently, reliably track products and components, and intelligently synchronize your supply chain? Discover a selection of our SIMATIC Ident products and solutions now.

Efficient production

Optimize your production and material flow control

Machine-readable, automated and contactless identification systems create improvements in entire production and supply chains: manual work steps can be reduced, potential sources of error can be identified and prevented, and plant availability can be increased. Production can be configured more flexibly and faster, even with a high level of customization. For example, the correct delivery of workpieces sequentially allows autonomous production steps to be planned flexibly, which avoids installation errors and the need to rework breakdowns. You benefit from more efficiency and economy. It has a rich variety in logistics, materials management, production and service areas.

Create transparency

Plan ahead

Which products or components are available when, where and in what condition? SIMATIC Ident provides fast and reliable answers to these questions. With Siemens' RFID and optical reading systems, all products and parts can be monitored in real time at all stages of the transport process, and external arrays can be better integrated into real production. As the digital transformation progresses, we can achieve even more: virtual data streams and real product streams will come together to produce maximum transparency in both manufacturing and logistics processes. This makes it possible not only to analyze and visualize tracking and tracking information, but also to ensure that the analyzed data is accessible worldwide. So products get where they need to be faster: with customers.

Positioning (RTLS)

SIMATIC RTLS is the location platform for your digital organization. You can use the Real-Time Locating System to navigate material flows, control mobile robots, track component usage and fully document the final product assembly.

RFID systems

Siemens' RFID optimizes your material flows. You know where and when everything happens, you can plan efficiently and have precise control over your processes. Connectivity to MindSphere maximizes transparency, efficiency and flexibility.

Optical identification systems

Optical identification systems of Siemens; It provides reliable, flexible and fast reading and verification of 1D / 2D codes, text recognition (OCR) and object recognition.

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