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heavy automation robot arm machine in sm


Your partner for factory automation & process control

Are you ready for more flexibility, maximum security and highest efficiency in process automation?

Process control system is at the center of every facility.

It controls and monitors all plant processes and provides digitalization at every point up to the field level.

Experience the flexibility, safety and maximum efficiency provided by leading-edge process control technology customized to your and your industry's needs. See it with your own eyes.


Simatic PCS neo Process Control system: Completely web-based process control system.

Berta makes detailed analysis and control of the system for the automation project, determines the equipment to be used in line with the requirements of the factory and prepares the electrical project in IEC Standards.

The control unit can be DCS or PLC in line with the needs of the automation system and customer request. In addition, actuators, motor, pneumatic and hydraulic valves, sensors, transmitters, encoder devices, PLC, Industrial PC, IO modules, SCADA or HMI system are meticulously selected for the system.

MCC panels and PLC panels of the project are assembled and installed. After all the necessary tests are done, the system is commissioned.

System tests and operator training are indispensable for factory automation. Verification and testing of the realized project and its reactions to different situations and malfunctions reveal whether the system has been set up correctly. By conducting quality and sustainable projects at ISO9001 quality standards, all conditions are checked during their testing phase, and long-lasting and user-friendly automation projects are realized.


Factory automation is always the way to increase factory efficiency. Thanks to its extensive experience, Sivart offers integrated solutions and complete automation line including powerful AC motor drives, AC servo drives, PLCs, HMIs, temperature control devices, motion sensors, communication devices and software.

We provide turnkey and reliable solutions to the specific requirements of each industry. Every industry is different and requires a special approach. We offer industry-specific services, products and systems. Our engineers maintain the highest level of expertise in electrification, automation and processes according to your industry.

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