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6RA 80 Series SINAMCIS DCM, the newest device within the scope of SIEMENS DC Drives, uses equipment that reduces your costs by evaluating the most appropriate ways of saving.

Depending on specific applications, often, SINAMCIS DCM DC drives are the most affordable solution for applications. It provides many benefits to the user with its reliability, ease of use and performance when used. If you are looking for the least costly solution in terms of DCM drivers, you will be dependent on SINAMCIS DCM drives with their connectivity and integrated intelligence. This device has the unique features of Siemens products.

Some aspects of SINAMCIS DCM that should be highlighted are as follows:

* Fully integrated into any automation peripheral,

* It can be expanded in a modular way from standard applications to solutions that require high performance.

* Having extended output range up to 3000 Amps,

* The nominal value of the supply voltage can be between 400 Volt and 830 Volt,

* Since the adjustments are made entirely electronically, it can be put into operation in a short time.

* Unified operator control concept.


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