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SIMOTION D Control Units are available in the following variants:

SIMOTION D410-2 are compact Control Units for single-axis applications with multi-axis option. The Control Units are available in the D410-2 DP and D410-2 DP / PN variants and fit in the SINAMICS S120 Power Modules in block size.

SIMOTION D4x5-2 are Control Units for multi-axis applications in SINAMICS S120 book size format and are available in the following performance variants:

Up to 16 axes SIMOTION D425-2 DP and D425-2 DP / PN Control Units (BASIC performance)

SIMOTION D435-2 DP and D435-2 DP / PN Control Units (STANDARD Performance) up to 32 axes

SIMOTION D445-2 DP / PN Control Unit (HIGH performance) up to 64 axes

SIMOTION D455-2 DP / PN Control Unit (ULTRA-HIGH performance) for applications with up to 128 axes or very short control loops

This precise scalability provides a rapid response to changing requirements in automation without having to change the system.

System concept

With SIMOTION D, PLC, Motion Control and technology functions, the SINAMICS S120 drive software runs on a shared control hardware. The IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC integrated in SIMOTION D means that the system can not only control motion sequences, but also the entire machine can be controlled with a single compact unit.

Depending on the SIMOTION D platform, HMI devices can be operated on PROFINET, Ethernet or PROFIBUS interfaces for operator control and monitoring. Functions such as remote maintenance, diagnosis and teleservice can also be used through these interfaces.


Cost-effective thanks to the integration of PLC, Motion Control and technology functions directly in the drive

Uses innovative SINAMICS S120 design

Compact design reduces control board size

Ideal for modular and distributed machine concepts

User-friendly use

Variable networking with a wide variety of communication interfaces:

D410-2 DP, D4x5-2 DP: Embedded Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS DP

D410-2 DP / PN, D4x5-2 DP / PN: PROFINET IO, Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS DP onboard

Powerful thanks to a range of technology functions

Very simple engineering from drive commissioning to open loop control and Motion Control applications

Serviceability thanks to the CompactFlash card, which can be easily changed and contains all data (programs, data, drive parameters)

Very fast response as interfaces between PLC and Motion Control are no longer required

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