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SINAMICS V90, single-axis servo drive and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotors are seamless for your basic servo applications.

is a drive system designed to work. This system has optimized positioning, speed and torque control features.

It offers with its servo performance. It is very fast and easy to commission thanks to its Plug & Play feature.

Optimized servo performance


Easy to use

Reliable operation

Mod-bus / Profinet communication

With the new servo drive system, SIMATIC PLC, SIMATIC HMI and SINAMICS V20 drive, textile, packaging, conveyor etc. It offers comprehensive, low-cost and safe basic motion control solutions from a single point for applications in industries. The drive system not only helps customers improve the performance of their equipment, but also reduce costs, get their products to market in less time and increase their competitiveness.


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