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The SIMATIC automation systems

You need optimum solutions for every application in order to automate your machines and plants economically and flexibly.

​The SIMATIC controller portfolio includes a variety of systems:

· ​The ​SIMATIC S7-1200 ​Basic Controller is the intelligent choice for compact automation solutions with integrated communication and technology functions.

· ​If plant complexity and system performance are priorities, the ​SIMATIC S7-1500 ​automation system is the right choice for you. The ​SIMATIC S7-1500​ controller builds on the more simple functionality of the ​SIMATIC S7-1200 ​Basic Controller and fulfills the highest demands on performance, flexibility and networking capability.

· ​The ​SIMATIC ET 200SP ​Distributed Controller combines the advantages of the ​S7-1500 ​and the very compact design of the ET 200SP with high channel density. By using distributed intelligence, you save costs and space in the control cabinet.

· ​For use outside the cabinet, the CPU 1513pro-2 PN and CPU 1516pro-2 PN offer you ​SIMATIC S7-1500 ​functionality in the design of the ET 200pro in the degree of protection IP65/IP67.

· ​If you require PC-based automation, use the ​SIMATIC S7-1500​ software controller. The PC-based controller is autonomous from the operating system during operation.

· ​If you want to increase the availability of your system, use the redundant system ​S7-1500R/H​. In the system, two CPUs (primary and backup CPU) process the user program in parallel and permanently synchronize all relevant data. In the event of failure of the primary CPU, the backup CPU takes over control of the process at the point of interruption.

​The ​SIMATIC​ controllers are integrated into the ​Totally Integrated Automation Portal​ and offer consistent data management and a uniform operating concept. With its integrated functions, engineering in the ​TIA Portal​ ensures consistent functionality.

Overview of SIMATIC automation systems

​The SIMATIC S7-1500 automation system supports all conventional communication standards.

​All the SIMATIC S7-1500 CPUs offer integrated motion control functions. Technology CPUs are available for extended motion control functions.

​The SIMATIC S7-1500 CPUs are also available as fail-safe controllers.

​Diagnostic functions across all components simplify troubleshooting. Changes to the parameter assignment can be implemented quickly and easily with the integrated display.

​Integrated security functions help against:

· ​ Manipulation

· ​ Theft of know-how

​Integrated security functions offer additional security mechanisms for the configuration of secured networks.

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