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​SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers are characterized by maximum performance capability thanks to a high-performance backplane bus, very short terminal-to-terminal response time and extremely fast signal processing.

​The controller (CPU) executes the user program. The integrated system power supply of the controller provides power to the modules used through the backplane bus.

​A fail-safe version is available for each ​SIMATIC S7-1500​ controller (except compact CPUs and the redundant CPU 1513R-1 PN and CPU 1515R-2 PN). To use the safety functions in the TIA Portal, you need the "STEP 7 Safety Advanced" option package.

​During commissioning of the plant you can, for example, change the IP address of the CPU directly via the display, thus saving time and costs. In the event of a service call, the plant downtimes are minimized by quick access to diagnostics alarms.

​For effective commissioning and fast optimization of drives and controls, the ​SIMATIC S7-1500​ supports extensive trace functions for all CPU tags.

​A ​SIMATIC S7-1500​ controller also offers additional functions:

·​Communication via Ethernet/PROFINET

·​Communication via PROFIBUS

·​HMI communication

·​Communication via OPC UA

·​Web server, technology functions, system diagnostics, protection functions integrated

·​When using an F-CPU: Safety mode

·​When using a S7-1500 R/H CPU: Redundancy

·​When using a T-CPU: Extended motion control functions

What can you do with the CPU?

​SIMATIC S7-1500​ provides you with a variety of CPUs that can be integrated. You can expand each CPU with I/O, communications and technology modules. If the memory and performance of a CPU 1511-1 PN are sufficient for your application but you also require additional communication interfaces, then you have the option of extending the CPU with communication modules for Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET and PROFIBUS. Modules for serial communication are also available.

​The CPU provides you with the following options:

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