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LOGO! 8.3 Small but wow!


… for simple automation tasks.

… is mainly for standalone applications.

… offers ready-to-use functions for different applications, which normally have to be programmed in a PLC.

… fits into a typical building distribution board and has noise emission limit class B group 1 (domestic area).



Intuitive useable software for Windows, Linux and Mac

Useable without detailed training

Modular expandable

Optimized configuration

Expandable as needed in future

Available for all usual voltages

Communication modules for GPS, SMS and KNX systems

Integrated display

Message interface

Adjustment of parameters

Allows simple program changes

3 background colors

Integrated webserver

Design websites with own images and icons – without HTML

No HTML knowledge necessary

Or view like message text and TDE

View like LOGO! or LOGO! TDE with use of function keys

Micro SD-Card slot

Easy uploading and downloading of programs to the LOGO!

Usable for data-logging

Know-How protection

LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.3

Simple programming of the Ethernet communication

Automatic setting of IP-addresses (temporary IP-Assignment)

Presentation of the program after upload

References of parameters are shown as graphic

Astronomical clock including On-/Off-delay

Function blocks for data conversion

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